Monday, August 25, 2014

Nevertheless, I Know in Whom I have Trusted

   It has definitely been an interesting few weeks. For awhile, I have postponed my blogging because I haven't felt as if there was anything in my life worth sharing with others. Not yet, anyway. At least, that was my thinking. Since I have been home from school, I have hardly had time off work, and so I sometimes catch myself feeling as if I am not accomplishing much. I realize, however, that this is where the adversary catches us. He turns our blessings into inconveniences. I have resolved to never allow him to do this to me again.
   As I was writing in my journal last night, a thought occurred to me as I looked back on my life these last couple of years. Yes, there have been quite a few struggles. I have been tested physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally, and socially, on such levels that I never thought I would be able to handle. But I have been able to handle it, in the long run, because I have put my trust in the Lord.
   I always like to bring up my favorite section in the Book of Mormon, where the prophet Nephi is writing down his woes and sorrows because of the sins which he has committed in his life. It is so beautiful to me, this subtle reminder that nobody on this earth is perfect but Christ, even the prophets and apostles feel the grief we sometimes feel over the sins and troublesome times in our life. However, Nephi stops in his mourning, and with such powerful words, which have never left my heart, he says,
   "Nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted...My God hath been my support."
   I am going to adopt this as I plan to depart on my mission, when times get hard, and I know they will, I will know that I am supported by a loving God, and that my life has been so full of little miracles that have changed my life. My older brother, Alec, on his mission in France, titles his weekly emails "Le Miracle" then his transfer number and week, so this week his email title was "Le Miracle 12.2." He is such an example to me, and I love hearing from him each week.
   Jenessa will be coming home within the month and I am so excited to see her after 18 long months, months which I know will have changed my sister's life. I can only hope that I allow my mission to do the same for me. 

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